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Version 1.5
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B Standard Data Fields

FEBio Studio defines the following list of standard data fields that can be added to a post model.
Name Description
Initial Position The initial nodal position of the model
Aspect ratio The element's aspect ratio
1-Princ curvature The first principal curvature of the surface
2-Princ curvature The second principal curvature of the surface
Gaussian curvature The Gaussian curvature of the surface
Mean curvature The mean curvature
RMS curvature The Root-Mean-Square curvature
Princ Curvature difference The difference of the principal curvatures
Congruency The congruency
1-Princ curvature vector The first principal curvature vector
2-Princ curvature vector The second principal curvature vector
The following data fields require a “displacement” field.
Name Description
Position The current nodal position of the deformed model
Deformation gradient The deformation gradient of the deformation map
Infinitesimal strain The infinitesimal (engineering) strain tensor
Lagrange strain The Green-Lagrange strain tensor
Right Cauchy-Green The right Cauchy-Green deformation tensor
Right stretch The right stretch tensor
Biot strain The Biot strain tensor
Right Hencky The Right Hencky tensor
Left Cauchy-Green The left Cauchy-Green strain tensor
Left stretch The left stretch tensor
Left Hencky The left Hencky tensr
Almansi strain The Almansi strain tensor
Volume The element's (approximate) volume
Volume ratio The ratio of current over initial element volume
Volume strain The volumetric strain
The following data fields require a “stress” field.
Name Description
pressure Calculated from the “stress” field: