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1.1 Overview of FEBioStudio

FEBio Studio is an integrated environment for the finite element modeling program FEBio. Although it has some mesh generation capabilities, its primary function is to set up the boundary and loading conditions, material properties, and analysis parameters for finite element analysis with the software FEBio. The main features of FEBio Studio include:
  • User-friendly UI that greatly facilitates the FE modeling process
  • Primitive mesh generation, e.g. boxes, cylinders, spheres, etc.
  • Tetrahedral mesh generation and remeshing via TetGen, NetGen, and MMG
  • Mesh editing on element and sub-element level
  • Supports various FE file formats, including FEBio, Abaqus, Ansys, Comsol, LSDYNA
  • Supports various mesh file formats, including STL, VTK, BYU.
  • Supports most of FEBio's modeling capabilities, including boundary conditions, surface and body loads, contact interfaces, analysis types, and more.
  • FE model can be exported to FEBio and NIKE3D file formats.
  • Mesh can also be exported to various file formats, including LSDYNA, VTK, and more.
  • FEBio model can be run from within the GUI
  • FEBio plot files, which contain the analysis results, can be visualized directly in FEBioStudio.
FEBio Studio has been designed to create FEBio input files. Although it can create input files for other FE programs (like NIKE3D), this document assumes that FEBio will be used as the finite element solver. It is important to keep this in mind, since other programs may not support all the features of FEBio.
 Chapter 1: Introduction Up Chapter 1: Introduction Section 1.2: About this document