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Version 1.5
 Section 2.1: Starting FEBio Studio Up Chapter 2: Getting Started Section 2.3: Opening a Model  

2.2 Creating a New Model

A new model can be started either by clicking the New Model... link on the Welcom page, or selecting the File\New Model... menu item. A dialog box will be shown next, where you can select a model template and name. Model templates are discussed in more detail in Chapter 3↓, but the main purpose is to configure the UI so that only relevant featyres are shown. For instance, if the Structural Mechanics template is chosen, the Physics menu will only show options that can be applied to a mechanics model. After selecting a template, and optionally chosing a name for the new model, click OK to close this dialog and return to FEBio Studio. The UI will look something like the figure below.
The Main menu lists all the available menu items. The Main Toolbar, located directly below the menu, offers an alternative way to invoke some of these menu items. The Model Viewer shows an overview of the components of the model. The Graphics View covers the largest part of the GUI and shows a 3D view of the model. The Graphics Toolbar is located below the Graphics View and displays some information regarding the Graphics View. Additional panels may be shown, such as the Log panel or the Build panel. Most panels can be dragged and dropped anywhere around the windows borders. Panels can also be stacked by dropping a panel on top of another one. A tab bar will then appear below the panel. If a panel is not visible, either click the tab below stacked panels or access it via the menu View\Windows. The various panels and other UI components are discussed in more detail in Chapter 3↓ .
figure ../Figures/Figure_2_2.png
Figure 2.2 The main components of the FEBioStudio GU. The Main Menu provides access to most of FEBioStudio’s functionality. The Main toolbar offers shortcuts for some commonly used features. The Graphics View shows a 3D rendering of the model. The Build panel shows all the geometry creation and editing tools. The Model Viewer displays a hierarchical overview of the finite element model.
 Section 2.1: Starting FEBio Studio Up Chapter 2: Getting Started Section 2.3: Opening a Model