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Version 1.5
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14.12.2 Graph Window

The Graph window can be used to show time history plots and scatter plots for selected items. To open a Graph window, select the Post/new Graph menu. Multiple graph windows can be displayed simultaneously.
figure ../Figures/graph.png
Figure 14.2 A Graph window displaying the time history of selected mesh items.
The Graph window displays the selected expression for the selected mesh items (see below on how to select mesh items). On the right, the legend shows the item numbers (preceded by an 'E' for 'element', 'N' for 'node', 'F' for 'face', 'C' for edge) and they are shown in the same color as the corresponding curve.
Each Graph window has a toolbar that offers the following functionality.
  • The Save button will save the displayed data to a text file.
  • The Clipboard button can be used to store the data values on the clipboard. This data can then be pasted in other software that allows clipboard operations.
  • The Type selection box allows the user to select from different types of plots. The following types are currently supported:
    • Line - displays a curve that represents the evolution of the selected data field as a function of (pseudo-) time. For this type, the user can only select the value for the y-axis; the x-axis will show the time.
    • Scatter - displays an x-y plot. In this case, the user can select different data fields for both the x- and y-axis.
    • Time-scatter: like scatter plot, but points are connected by time value
  • Tools: Shows the graph tools panel, which is discussed in more detail below.
The graph area can be scaled or moved by click dragging the right and left mouse button respectively. The buttons in the lower left corner of the Graph window can be used to restore the x-range, y-range or both.
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