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The node_data class defines a set of nodal variables. The data is stored for each node that is listed in the item list of the node_data element or for all nodes if no list is defined. The following nodal variables are defined.
Node variables Description
x x-coordinate of current nodal position
y y-coordinate of current nodal position
z z-coordinate of current nodal position
ux x-coordinate of nodal displacement
uy y-coordinate of nodal displacement
uz z-coordinate of nodal displacement
vx x-coordinate of nodal velocity
vy y-coordinate of nodal velocity
vz z-coordinate of nodal velocity
ax x-coordinate of nodal acceleration
ay y-coordinate of nodal acceleration
az z-coordinate of nodal acceleration
Rx x-coordinate of nodal reaction force
Ry y-coordinate of nodal reaction force
Rz z-coordinate of nodal reaction force
For analyses using biphasic, biphasic-solute, and triphasic materials, the following additional variables can be defined.
Node variables Description
p effective fluid pressure
vx x-component of solid velocity
vy y-component of solid velocity
vz z-component of solid velocity
c[n] effective concentration of solute n, with n from 1 to 8
For heat transfer problems the following nodal variables are available.
Node variables Description
T Nodal temperature
For fluid analyses, the following variables can be defined.
Node variables Description
vx x-component of fluid velocity
vy y-component of fluid velocity
vz z-component of fluid velocity
For example, to store the current nodal positions of all nodes, use the following node_data element:
<node_data data="x;y;z"></node_data>
You can store the total nodal displacement for nodes 1 through 100, and all even numbered nodes 200 through 400 as follows:
<node_data data="ux;uy;uz">1:100:1,200:400:2</node_data>
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