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10 FEBio Plugins

As of version 2.0 FEBio supports plugins. Plugins are dynamic libraries that extend the capabilities of FEBio at runtime without the need to recompile the entire source code. This offers the user a powerful mechanism for extending the default feature set of FEBio with little effort. In addition, the development of the plugin is independent of the FEBio source code, which implies that upgrading to a newer version of FEBio will not require a recompilation of the plugin [M]  [M]  When upgrading to a newer version of FEBio, it may be necessary to recompile the plugin if the plugin interface was changed. As long as the plugin remains compatible with the new interface, no code changes are required.. The FEBio Developer's Manual explains in detail how to create these plugins. In this section we outline how to use the plugins with FEBio. Using plugins, users can create custom materials, boundary conditions, loads, output variables, etc. See the developer's manual for more information on what plugins can do.
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