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7 Parameter Optimization

This chapter describes FEBio's parameter optimization module. This module tries to estimate model parameters by solving an inverse finite element problem, where the “solution” of the problem is known, and the problem's model parameters are sought. For instance, the solution can be an experimentally determined reaction force curve, and the unknown parameters are the material parameters that will recreate the reaction force curve by solving a forward FE problem. Another common application is determining the model parameters that achieve a desired load, displacement, or other goal.
In any case, the opimization module tries to minimize an objective function of the form,
Here, the are user-defined data pairs and is the function that extracts the corresponding data from the model. The optimization module tries to find the model parameters a that minimize the function . It does this by repeatedly evaluating the function , which will usually call FEBio to solve a forward FE problem.
The optimization module requires a separate input file that describes all the information needed for solving an optimization problem. This input file is described next.
 Section 6.2: An Example Up Main page Section 7.1: Optimization Input File 

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