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2.8.3 Setting break points

Although ctrl+c can be used to interrupt a run, it might sometimes be difficult to interrupt a run at a desired point. For this reason, you can set break points, that will pause the execution and bring up the febio prompt. Breakpoints are set on the command line using the -break option, followed by the break condition. In addition, breakpoints can also be set via the FEBio prompt using the break option.
To break at a particular time point, simply add the value of the time after the -break option. This example will break the run after time 0.45 completed (or the first time point past 0.45):
>febio -i input.feb -break 0.45
Instead of breaking at a particular time, you can also interrupt the run when a certain event happens. To break at an event, specify the event name at which to pause the run. The following list of events are defined.
Event Description
ALWAYS break on any event
INIT break after model initialization
STEP_ACTIVE break after step activation
MAJOR_ITERS break after major iteration (i.e. time step) converged
MINOR_ITERS break after minor iteration (i.e. Newton iteration)
SOLVED break after the model is solved
UPDATE_TIME break before time is incremented
AUGMENT break before augmentation
STEP_SOLVED break after step is solved
REFORM break after global matrix and right hand side is reformed
MATRIX_SOLVE break right before the linear system solve
For example, to pause the execution after a matrix reformation (and right-hand-side evaluation), enter the following command line.
>febio -i input.feb -break REFORM
Once the code reaches a breakpoint, the febio prompt will be presented. There are several commands that relate to breakpoints.
break Add a breakpoint
breaks Prints list of current breakpoints.
clear Clear one or all breakpoints.
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